Amie Swimming Pool

Amie Pool Design

Amie Swimming Pool Design

The Amie is available with and without a spillway which means it can be installed as a standalone spa or by combining it with one of our other pools like pictured above.


  • All our pools can be designed and built for inground and above ground
  • Pool can be purchased as a kit (filter, pump, cleaning equipment) or shell only
  • 30 year structural warranty
  • Very easy to maintain and very low chemical requirements
  • Flexible in comparison to a concrete structure without cracking
  • Very smooth interior finish
  • The colour is built into the pool construction
  • Choice of 6 different colours
  • Can be installed in multi storey buildings
  • No formwork or piering is required
  • Never has to be repainted
  • Normally about half the cost of a completed concrete pool
  • In-floor cleaning system available
  • Can be delivered in one piece anywhere in Australia

Shape (with spillway)

Amie Swimming Pool Design

Shape (without spillway)

Amie Swimming Pool Design


1.8m L x 3.0m W x 0.84 D
1.8m L x 2.3m W x 0.84 D

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    Crystal Blue

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    Island Blue

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    Miami Blue

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    Miami Green

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    Miami Sand

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    Standard Ocean Blue

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